How To Use Egg Boiler | How To Use Electric Egg Boiler 2022

This post is about how to use egg boiler. This appliance is also known as an electric egg boiler, egg cooker, or egg steamer. If you use eggs regularly in your food, then this device can be very beneficial for you, which takes the task of boiling eggs to the next level.

You must be aware that eggs are a good source of quality protein, so we often use eggs in our meals and snacks and many people like to eat boiled eggs. We use the traditional method to boil these eggs, but let us tell you that boiling eggs in an electric egg boiler is easier and less time-consuming than the traditional method.

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What Is Egg Boiler?

Eggs can be easily boiled or cooked in this modern kitchen appliance, hence it is called an egg boiler or egg cooker. This egg boiler equipment is designed to boil 4 to 7 eggs at a time, which helps you to cook eggs quickly and easily.

This egg boiler can be used very easily. You can make many different types of eggs, such as you can boil soft, medium, or hard eggs in it, and can also make omelets as well. So below we have explained how to use an egg boiler in very easy steps.

How To Use Electric Egg Boiler – How To Use Egg Boiler

Most egg boilers are similar, so you should read your appliance’s instruction manual before using it for the first time. And some of the equipment has automatic on-off so you don’t need to check again and again, as the device’s automatic power off after the process is done. So, friends, we have explained how to use egg boiler in very easy steps below.

Step1: Pour the right amount of water into the water tray.

First of all, pour the right amount of water into the tray of water at the base of the egg boiler. The amount of water needed to boil soft, medium, and hard eggs varies with how many eggs you are cooking. You can use a water measuring cup, instruction manual, and label for the correct amount of water.

Step2: Make a small hole at the end of the egg.

Many egg boilers come with a pin to pierce the eggs. With that pin, you make a small hole in one end of each egg. This process helps to protect your egg from breaking.

Step3: Place the egg in the egg holder.

Keep all the eggs in the egg holder. (Keep the hole with the egg facing upwards) On which you have made a hole in the egg, keep the end of it facing upwards.

Step4: Start by putting the lid on the egg boiler.

After completing all the above steps, put the lid of the boiler properly, and start the appliance. Most egg boiler devices have setting buttons for soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs and automatically turn them off after boiling the eggs. But some devices have to be shut down manually after all the process.

Step5: Remove the lid and take out the egg.

After boiling the eggs, remove the lid slowly to let the steam escape, take out all the eggs and put them in cold water, and take out the eggshells and serve to everyone.

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