10+ Best Toys For Babies 6 to 12 Months In India 2023

Best Toys For Babies 6 to 12 Months: In this post, we have rounded up the best developmental toys for 6 to 12 months old baby in the online market to make your search effort easy and help you choose the products of your choice.

In our house, babies from 6 to 12 months of age crawl on their tummy or on hands and knees, with whom we love to watch and play. By about 6 months a baby is able to roll over and start sitting without assistance, as babies grow older they should be given developmental toys that encourage your baby to sit and play.

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What Toys Are Best For a Baby?

There are many types of baby development, so consider what is best for your baby and lifestyle. To make this task easy, we have given you a list of Best Toys For Babies 6 to 12 months, which makes it very easy to find your baby toys 6 months to 1-year product online.

Best Toys For Babies 6-12 Months – Baby Toys 6 Months To 1 Year

1. Little’s Junior Ring Multicolour Plastic Toys For Babies

It is an engaging educational toy that helps your child recognize different colors and shapes. Kids enjoy putting these rings in order, this ring helps your child naturally develop the concepts of color, shape, and size through a fun play activity and helps develop the child’s fingering skills. You must buy these toys for your child.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 6 months to 3 years

2. Tickles Grey Mother Elephant Toy for Kids Baby Boys & Girls

This toy’s soft plush elephant is made of high-quality plush fabric filled with soft fiber and realistic styling to make it safe for your baby. Also, it can be the best gift, this soft toy is the perfect gift for kids’ birthdays, holidays, parties, home decorations, theme parties. This soft toy provides children with many entertainment options.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 6 months and Up

3. ToysBuddy Colorful Floating Bath Aquatic Animals Toys For Babies

These great bath toys are colorful and fit little hands to keep babies busy during bath time. This toy is made of non-toxic material, this product can be right for your child. Its compact design makes it easy for your baby to play with water while bathing. This toy is high quality, 100% safe. Fun and surprising it makes this ‘choo choo’ sound, learning and educating toy while playing and bathing.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: ‎6 months to 1.5 years

4. SNOWIE SOFT 6 Pack Baby Cloth Books Toys For Babies

Non-Toxic Soft Clothing Books Early Educational Toys Gifts Activity Crinkle Cloth Book for Toddler, Infants – 6pcs.

This educational toy is made from polyester fiber and filled with cotton, which is soft, non-toxic, durable, tear-resistant, and washable. These fabric books can stimulate important skills such as language and reading, communication, imagination, sensory. This Baby First Book has vibrant pictures with vivid patterns, colors and is full of educational activities for kids to enjoy pages with alphabet world, fruit kingdom, sea life, food, farm animals, numbers.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: ‎3 months – 3 years

5. Babique Unicorn Teddy Bear Plush Soft Toys For Babies

This baby toy is made of good quality non-toxic polyester and fur fabric. Soft and cuddly filling, huggable and cute for someone special, teach your loved one the act of hugging with the help of these teddies. The excellent poly-staple and conjugate filling fiber used in it has good ductility, making it best suited for machine or hand wash, the size of this product is approximately 25 cm.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: ‎2 months – 2 years

6. Einstein Box Gift Set Toys For Babies

Newborns and Infants of Age 1 to 12 Months, High Contrast Gift Set with Set of Rattles, High Contrast Books, High Contrast Flashcards for Baby Boys & Girls.

This Einstein Box toy is an amazing early education subscription box. We know that the early years are very important for the development of the child. This product helps parents to provide education to their children during these critical days. This box is the right product for newborns/toddlers 0-12 months of age.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 1 to 12 months

7. WISHKEY Colorful Attractive Plastic toys for babies.

Non Toxic Set of 7 Shake & Grab Rattle and 1 Soothing Teether for New Born and Infants (Pack of 8, Multicolor)

This toy rattle is made of non-toxic eco-friendly material, BPA-free ABS plastic, so it’s safe for babies to chew on, making a perfect gift for a newborn. Its unique design can develop a baby’s recognition ability and its catchy sound helps to calm the baby.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 3 months & Up

8. Toyshine Push & Shake Wobbling Bell Sounds Roly Poly Tumbler Doll

This toy is best for kid’s entertainment. This tumbler doll wobble nods its head and never falls when pushed gently. It makes soft and sweet sounds, making the baby curious and happy at the same time. With its entertainment, the child can remain calm and can also play quietly.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: ‎1 month & Up

9. Fisher-Price Plastic Stacking Cups, Toys For Babies

This toy is best for keeping your child engaged in play and development, whether piled high or nestled all together with this set of eight colorful cups, you can play with this product and your mental development can also do. This toy comes In development games that are great fun for your little one.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 6 to 18 months

10. Babique Penguin Teddy Bear Plush Soft Toy

This baby toy is made of soft plush material and made of quality material, which is made for the purpose of children’s entertainment and plays. This product is made of good quality non-toxic polyester and fur fabric, the size of this toy is 30cm, the excellent poly-staple and conjugate filling fiber used has good ductility which makes it suitable for machine or hand wash. makes it best suited. The size of this product is 30cm, with soft and cuddly filling, huggable and cute for someone special.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 6 months to Up

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Precautions While Buying Toys For Children Of 6-12 Months

Babies of 6-12 months learn a lot of new skills in this short time, such as how to roll, sit, crawl, and stand in these few months. Apart from this, their brain is developing rapidly. In such a situation, whatever toy you buy for them, at that time definitely pay attention to the safety-related things.

You must be aware that 6-12 month old babies like to keep things in their mouths and chew on them, so safety is of utmost importance at this age. Therefore, whenever you buy the product, make sure to check its quality, if the toy is of plastic then it should be made of food-grade material, apart from this, children with batteries, magnetic objects, buttons with toys can be a potential danger to children.

If you buy toys with batteries, magnets, or buttons, you will need to supervise or help the child while playing with the toy.

We hope that our “Best Toys For Babies 6 to 12 Months In India” post has helped you a lot in choosing the right toy for your baby. You can choose any one of these products for yourself and can also give gifts to others.