7+ Best Air Fryer in India | 7 Best Air Fryer Under 5000-10000

Best air fryer in India 2022: We find fried foods very tempting and good, but if a large amount of deep fry or oily food is eaten in large amounts, it can be harmful to your health. That is why Air Fryer nowadays comes in a high selling product, as it is used to roast the ingredients of the users and they can use little or no oil while roasting. That is why this device is a boon for food lovers. air fryer for Indian cooking

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In Air Fryers, you can prepare a range of food items like a veg grill, french fries, non-veg grill, roast, and toast, etc. And they can not only cook them but give them a similar or better taste than restaurants. Also, the air fryer has advanced airflow circulating technology that spreads heat evenly across the food in the cooking process. And this ensures that the food is cooked evenly. Most importantly, today’s air fryer also comes with various safety-enabled features.

Best Air Fryer for Indian Cooking

Air fryer for Indian cooking: If you want to buy the best air fryer for your kitchen, a common fact that you can expect about each air fryer is that they can roast the food quickly and that product is within their budget. Different types of Air Fryers are seen in the market today, and among them, we use durable, and reliable Air Fryer for cooking in our kitchen. Which helps in better frying, grill, roast, and bake.

Selecting the best and durable Air Fryers in India can be a very difficult task, so we have given you the best, affordable, great convenient, reliable, and best quality air fryers listed below. With which you can easily choose the product for yourself.

Best Air FryerWattsCapacityWarrantyFrying TimeAV.RATINGSCheck Price
American Micronic Air Fryer1500-W3.2 liters2 Year30 min.4.3 out of 5Check on Amazon
Glen Rapid Air Fryer1350-W3.2 liters2 Year30 min.4.4 out of 5Check on Amazon
Kent Hot Air Fryer1350-W1.4 liters1 YearN/A3.9 out of 5Check on Amazon
Glen Rapid Air Fryer1350-W2.8 liters2 Year30 min.4.2 out of 5Check on Amazon
Inalsa Active Fry Air Fryer1400-W2.9 liters2 YearN/A4.1 out of 5Check on Amazon
Hilton Air Fryer1200-W2 liters1 YearN/A3.9 out of 5Check on Amazon
Koryo Air Fryer1350-W2.6 liters1 Year30 min.4.1 out of 5Check on Amazon
Prestige Air Fryer1200-W2.0 liters1 Year30 min.4.0 out of 5Check on Amazon

1. American Micronic Digital Best Air Fryer in India – 1500 Watts

This air fryer is a better way to cook your favorite food. This device can do more than just roast your food, it can also grill, roast, and bake your food. It can help you make anything from delicious cakes to delicious fried chicken in the comfort of your home. It has superior technology, premium built quality, which makes every effort to cook the food you like.

American Micronic Digital Air Fryer - 1500 Watts
  • This Digital Air Fryer comes with 1500 watts.
  • TurboTunnel Fresh air technology with Non-stick frying basket.
  • It has an adjustable timer from 0 to 30 minutes.
  • Frying basket capacity: 3.5 liters.
  • The Healthy Way to Fry, Bake, Grill, or Roast your Favorite Foods.
  • the air fryer is equipped with a stay-cool handle that is insulated against heat and electricity.
  • Warranty: 2 years on product.

2. Glen Rapid Air Fryer in India – 1350 Watts

Now give your favorite fried foods a makeover, use less oil when making fries for this, and stay healthy. This air fryer provides fast hot air circulation for crispy and tender frying which comes with a powerful motor. You can roast, grill the foods using a little oil in it. It is easy to clean. And a removable basket. This Air Fryer comes with 1350 watts and a Frying basket capacity of 3.2 liters.

Glen Rapid Air Fryer - 1350 Watts
  • You can fry, grill, and bake it using minimum oil.
  • This air fryer comes with 1350 watts.
  • Frying basket capacity 3.2 liters.
  • 30-minute timer with end of cycle alarm.
  • Safety lock on the handle.
  • Separate lighting indicators for electricity and heaters.
  • PBT’s frying basket chamber with a base of food grade SS 304 to avoid harmful fumes during frying.
  • Temperature control 80 ° to 200 ° C for a perfect result.
  • Large SS heat coil surrounded by reflectors for rapid heating.
  • Warranty 2 years.

3. Kent Hot Air Fryer in India – 1350 Watts

This air fryer is a multi-purpose device that helps in making fried, roasted, or grilled food. All you have to do is to select the desired function to prepare your favorite snacks. This air fryer uses rapid hot air technology that works by quickly circulating hot air around the grill top. It heats food from all sides at the same time and there is no need to add oil to most ingredients. In this, you can make dishes like samosas, tikkis, cakes, and tandoor.

Kent Hot Air Fryer - 1350 Watts
  • Fry, grill, bake, steam, and roast all your favorite snacks in a healthier manner liters.
  • This Air Fryer comes with 1350 watts.
  • Large capacity cooks up to 1.4 kg per batch.
  • 8 Preset menu options.
  • Faster than conventional cooking methods.
  • In this, you can fry, grill, roast, bake, and more.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product

4. Glen Rapid Air Fryer in India – 1350 Watts

It comes with a rapid black fryer superhit air with a smart black finish. You can make fries, snacks, chicken, burgers, meat, and more with very little oil consumption. It has an adjustable time and temperature control knob to achieve desired results based on foods. And its 2.8-liter large coking capacity basket is easy to clean and remove.

Glen Rapid Air Fryer - 1350 Watts
  • It comes with 1350 watts.
  • The large cooking capacity of 2.8 liters.
  • Up to 80% less fat compared to conventional fryers.
  • Temperature setting from 80 to 200 °C.
  • Timer up to 30 minutes.
  • Rapid heating Big Stainless Steel coil.
  • Vapor Steam for crispier frying.
  • Removable disc, slotted plate & grill plate.
  • 2 Years warranty.

5. Inalsa Active Fry Air Fryer in india – 1400 Watts

This air fryer’s handgrip is always cool-to-touch and its non-slip legs help keep it stable. This sets delicious and versatile cooking time and the temperature drops off on its own. It comes with 1800-Watts and is safe to operate with its 2.9L food basket capacity and 4.2L cooking pan capacity. And it also has adjustable temperature, time control power, heating LED indicator lights, and cool release handle with a basket release button.

Inalsa Active Fry Air Fryer - 1400 Watts
  • Healthy Oil Free Cooking with Smart Rapid Air Technology.
  • The air fryer provides you with a healthy option to enjoy fried foods.
  • 4.2-liter cooking pan capacity, 2.9-liter food basket capacity.
  • Safe to operate: Power off when removing the basket.
  • Food grade non stick coated food basket.
  • Cool-touch handles with basket release button.
  • Adjustable temperature and time control.
  • 2-year warranty.

6. Hilton Air Fryer in India – 1200 Watts

This air fryer provides you with a healthy option to enjoy fried foods. It can fry, grill, roast, and bake using less oil. Hot, rapid air vortex technology no oil or fat, just cook thru hot air Get ‘Deep Fried’ results without the frying food is a crispy and delicious grill, bake, and roast the capacity of the food basket is 2 Ltrs Easy to Wash and Clean.

Hilton Air Fryer - 1200 Watts
  • It comes with 1200 watts.
  • Food basket capacity 2 liters.
  • With this air fryer, you can fry, grill.
  • You can bake your food without oil or with a low wrap.
  • Rapid air technology provides an easy method of eye-smart cooking.
  • This is easy to handle and easy to clean.
  • Fast and convenient cooking recipe with delicious and
  • Timer and temperature controlled for delicious meals.
  • Inspires with innovative design and gives low-fat recipes.
  • 1-year warranty.

7. Koryo Air Fryer in India – 1350 Watts

This air fryer is a stylish and inexpensive appliance for your entire kitchen and home. All of which meet the need. With the air fryer in it, you can fry, grill. Inspires with its innovative design and gives low-fat dishes that cook with 80% less oil. It comes with 1350 Watt power and a capacity of 2.6 liters.

  • Cook food with 80% less oil.
  • Suitable for healthy frying, grilling, roasting, and baking your favorite foods.
  • High-speed air circulation for cooking, temperature 80 to 200 degrees.
  • 1350 watts power, capacity 2.6 liters, up to 30 minutes, auto cut-off.
  • Indicator light, basket release button with cover lid.
  • With silicone cupcake molds, silicone brushes, pizza pan, cake barrel, and recipe book.
  • 1-year warranty.

8. Prestige Air Fryer in India – 1200 Watts

With this Prestige air fryer, you can enjoy oil-free chips, snacks, meat, etc. The dish or food made in it tastes exactly like the fried foods of oil. Attractively Prestige air fryer allows you to fry, grill. Also, it has a carry handle for portability and accessories such as separators and cake baskets, etc. It has a control device such as a 30-minute timer with advanced features. It consumes about 80% less oil, as well as frying baskets, which are easier to clean.

Prestige Air Fryer - 1200 Watts
  • This Air Fryer in India comes with 1200 watts.
  • In this, you can fry, grill, roast, bake, and more.
  • Frying basket capacity: 2.0 liter.
  • Temperature ranges from 80 to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Timer up to 30 minutes.
  • Smoke vent for absorbing unwanted odor and smoke
  • Even heat distribution.
  • This product comes with a recipe book.
  • Warranty: 1 year on product.

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How does Air Fryer work?

The air fryer uses hot air to prepare low-fat food. The air fryer uses the circulation of hot air very strictly around the food items placed in the basket. This high-speed vents hot air around the food for which this fryer uses a grill and a fan.

This super-heated air is circulated to all sides at once to heat and cook food. Air fryers can be used to eat fried, roasted, toasted, or baked foods for just a few minutes to get healthy, fast, and tasty food. Which contains 80% less oil.

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